State Level Loge

The State Level Loge opened August 30th, 2014, as part of the North End Zone Expansion.  The loge seats are located in the center of the State Level and are divided into four-, six-, or eight-seat sections.  The loge seats offer a unique experience for 236 seatholders, combining the amenities of a club with semi-private seating for game viewing.

The State Level Loge is an 8,500 square-foot space, featuring exclusive access to food and beverage stations, comfortable restroom facilities, and multiple high-definition televisions. In each semi-private stadium seating area, loge seatholders enjoy rolling chairs, a place to set food and beverages while enjoying the game, and a small, flat-panel television.

The State Level Loge is exclusive to members and their guests on game days, and only those individuals with proper tickets or credentials are admitted.

For more information regarding the availability and pricing of the State Level Loge, please contact the Bulldog Club by phone at 662/325-3074 or by email at [email protected].